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APEG’s Forest to Furniture (F2F) Program originated in 2013 under an EDA Make it in America Challenge grant. The F2F Program has maintained and expanded its focus on the region’s wood products industry via an SBA Regional Innovation Cluster grant awarded in 2015. Overall, the program serves Ohio’s 32 Appalachian-designated counties by creating an “ecosystem of support” for regional hubs of wood products manufacturers.

The goal of the project is to connect these manufacturers and provide high-value services at little or no cost to their business. Several program services are provided to small businesses that otherwise could not afford the assistance needed to grow their operation. The F2F Program applies its resources to the following areas: Technical Manufacturing Support, a Supply Chain Database, Workforce Training, as-needed Export Assistance, and Cluster Research & Analysis.

Our Impact

Based on known increases in productivity and yield achieved through our technical service projects, along with grant dollars awarded to clients, the F2F Program has facilitated $500,000 in growth for clients from Q1 FY1, through Q1 FY3 of the SBA contract. Currently, the program has 18 active clients who have received a collective 600+ hours of 1-on-1 consulting at no cost to the client, a value of over $90,000 in consulting services. Multiple events have exposed the program to 1200+ companies and vested interests since the launch of the Initiative. The program has also facilitated the training of 70 employees from 33 different companies. All program benefits have been experienced by regional small businesses of less than 50 employees.


We can help develop, enhance and maximize your business’s potential by leveraging our strategic resources and applying a concentrated effort to your needs.

Frank Roberts - Project Associate, Technical Specialist
Frank Roberts
Program Manager, Technical Specialist
25 years experience in managing and improving wood manufacturing processes
Patrick Bolton
Program Associate, Supply Chain Specialist
Data Analysis, Supply Chain Development & Research

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