Sawmills: Who works in them in the region?

With so many Hardwood Lumber Sawmills in Ohio, you may be wondering about who works in these businesses. Many people wonder for example, if you have to have special training

Why Should You Use Mulch in Flowerbeds?

Ohio mulch supply companies are outstanding Many people love to put mulch on their flowerbeds each year. You can purchase quality mulch at affordable prices in the region. You can

Red Oak and White Oak: What’s the Difference?

The Differences Between Red and White Oaks Red and white oaks have quite a few differences. Oak is a very popular and practical wood to use for flooring and other

How are Trade Tariffs Affecting the Wood Industry?

The U.S. trade tariffs are having significant impacts on the wood industry in the U.S. The impacts have been rather complex, but we will briefly examine them here. In November

Ohio Forestry: Several Excellent Forestry Degree Programs for You

If you want to earn a degree in forestry, you have several options in Ohio. In fact, Ohio Forestry programs are offered all around the state. These programs all have

Ohio Was Once Nearly Covered in Forests

Ohio Forests: It’s amazing to think about how much Ohio’s forests have changed throughout the history of our country. When the United State of America was founded, the land that

What you should know about Arborists in Ohio

Many people may not understand the work they do, but the State of Ohio Arborists are extremely important. Arborists have an advanced knowledge of trees, and they are trained to

Walnut is a Great Choice When You are Building Furniture

When you are looking for walnut lumber for sale Ohio is fortunate to have a large number of outstanding suppliers. The walnut suppliers in Ohio are among the best in

Do I have Oak Wood in my Floor or Furniture?

Here are a few tips to see if you have oak hardwood flooring or furniture made of oak. The most common types of wood used in homes in the U.S.

A Few Tips for Caring for your Hardwood Furniture

We know you love your hardwood furniture, so here are a few tips for keeping it in good shape. Clean it with warm water and mild dish soap – You

Southeast Ohio Forestry is Picturesque Throughout the Year

Southeast Ohio offers some of the best scenery in the world, as the foothills of Appalachia and the magnificent forest combine to form a rich, rolling landscape that is breathtaking

A Few Custom Millwork Options in Ohio

If you are looking for custom millwork Ohio has numerous outstanding options available for you. Here is some information on just a few of the Ohio businesses that offer custom millwork.